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Atari Realities EP - Final Version

I was a very bad mixing technician, then all of the sudden I experienced a quantum leap in the quality of my mixes, which I can't really explain. Still a mix on my Mackie desk can take me endless hours, which brings the risk of getting lost in the mix. So it happened and I decided to give each track of the EP another go on the mixing desk. And finally I am happy with the quality of each track - promised!

Listen or download here:
Nemesis21 Atari Realities EP

posted on Wed, 17 Mar 2021 11:17:06 +0100 by Yod801

Descent [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

I did another mix of Descent, which was terrible. I replaced a sequqencer sound in the verse and middle part by a 303ish sound played by the Roland D-110:

Nemesis21 Descent [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

posted on Thu, 18 Feb 2021 16:24:57 +0100 by Yod801

Hibernation [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

I rerecorded the vocals of Hibernation and improved the mix:

Nemesis21 Hibernation [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

posted on Sun, 17 Jan 2021 21:01:23 +0100 by Yod801

Interface & Upgrade [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

As promised I'm delivering the Atari MegaSTE Mix of Interface & Upgrade.

The migration from Cubase Artist 9 on a Microsoft PC to Cubase Score on an Atari MegaSTE included the export and import of the MIDI data but also the replacement of software synthesizers by hardware counterfeits, which involved the usage of Steinberg Synthworks for the Roland D series as well as the Yamaha TX7. I transmitted samples to the Akai S3000XL using Zero-X on the Atari.

Also I made slight changes to the drums, which have got multiple snares now and rerecorded the lyrics which actually involved a microphone.

Listen here:
Nemesis21 Interface And Upgrade [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

posted on Mon, 11 Jan 2021 15:55:41 +0100 by Yod801

The State of Things

I haven't posted any update since summer allthough a lot has happened in the world of Yod801, Nemesis21 and the Mannheim Atari Studios.
I lied two posts below: I couldn't help but make further mixes of the Atari Realities EP. Some of you might have not noticed as I simply exchanged files on soundcloud.

The Mannheim Atari Studios (M.A.S.) and myself have moved home only 5 houses far up the street. There'll be pictures sooner or later.

As you can see in the picture above, I've started working on an Atari MegaSTE Mix of Interface And Upgrade. The samples on the floppy disk took a strange journey:
They originate from STSPEECH.TOS, a voice synthesizer on the Atari ST and were recorded by a Microsoft PC. Then they travelled back to the Ultrasatan SD card reader of my Atari and were transferred to the Akai S3000XL via MIDI from the Atari using the Zero-X piece of software.

posted on Thu, 10 Dec 2020 14:06:40 +0100 by Yod801

Battleships [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

I decided to continue migrating songs to my Atari MegaSTE.
The latest Atari rebuilt happens to be the Nemesis21 song Battleships:

Nemesis21 Battleships [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

posted on Tue, 18 Aug 2020 08:04:31 +0200 by Yod801

Atari Realities EP - The Final Product

This is my new Atari Realities EP produced during quarantine. I decided to NOT do any further mixes or versions, so this is the final product. I have migrated 4 old songs originally written in Cubase on a Microsoft PC to my Atari MegaSTE and re-arranged them in Cubase Score.
I took the chance and replaced many software synth sounds by hardware sounds, some of which I created and edited in Steinberg Synthworks for the Yamaha TX7 and the Roland D series on my Ataris.
In addition the whole thing is mixed on my Mackie ProFX30v3 mixing desk as far as possible with little VST technology, which makes it a quite hardware-heavy production.

All songs can be downloaded for free:

Nemesis21 Atari Realities EP

posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2020 15:57:46 +0200 by Yod801

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