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Battleships [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

I decided to continue migrating songs to my Atari MegaSTE.
The latest Atari rebuilt happens to be the Nemesis21 song Battleships:

Nemesis21 Battleships [Atari MegaSTE Mix]

posted on Tue, 18 Aug 2020 08:04:31 +0200 by Yod801

Atari Realities EP - The Final Product

This is my new Atari Realities EP produced during quarantine. I decided to NOT do any further mixes or versions, so this is the final product. I have migrated 4 old songs originally written in Cubase on a Microsoft PC to my Atari MegaSTE and re-arranged them in Cubase Score.
I took the chance and replaced many software synth sounds by hardware sounds, some of which I created and edited in Steinberg Synthworks for the Yamaha TX7 and the Roland D series on my Ataris.
In addition the whole thing is mixed on my Mackie ProFX30v3 mixing desk as far as possible with little VST technology, which makes it a quite hardware-heavy production.

All songs can be downloaded for free:

Nemesis21 Atari Realities EP

posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2020 15:57:46 +0200 by Yod801

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