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Beacon [Atari Mega STE Mix]

As promised I've done a track-by-track mix of Beacon including vocals with my Atari MegaSTE being the master sequencer. Here you go:

posted on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 17:37:58 +0100 by Yod801

Beacon [Atari Mega STE Version - Instrumental]

I reconnected this catchy tune of mine to the MIDI ports of my Atari MegaSTE running Cubase Score, which from now on serves as my master MIDI sequencer.

Basically I exchanged my Kontakt5 multi sample by an Akai S3000XL hardware counterfeit. The programmed MIDI of the chorus melody was replaced by me actually playing the keyboard. I had to reprogram that clonky Roland D-20 ring modulated sound in Synthworks and I did some minor changes to the hi hats, too.

Mind this is just an instrumental recording of the song as it comes from my cheap mixing desk without proper EQs and FX as they are provided by Cubase Artist on the PC. Will do a track by track recording and mix this fatty including vocals in Cubase Artist properly soon.

I might be a bit preoccupied but I've got the impression you can definetly hear and feel the superior timing of the Atari MegaSTE:

posted on Mon, 18 Nov 2019 04:33:48 +0100 by Yod801

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